How to Deal with Back Door Selling

The workshop has exceeded our expectations. Initially, we enrolled over 350 of our design engineers and process engineers. It was so successful that we expanded enrollment to include anyone who may come into contact with our suppliers. We have also made it a part of our new employee orientation.

Matt Casey
Organization Development Specialist
Honeywell, Microswitch Division

I have personally just completed five training sessions (in excess of 100 attendees) from engineering, purchasing, quality, accounting, warehouse, lobby secretary, etc... The workshop has truly opened our people's eyes as to the true interface with salespeople.

Ron Ulaszewski
Senior Manager, Advanced Purchasing

What sets this workshop apart is that it provides practical guidance that can be applied on the job right away. We are so convinced of its effectiveness that we plan to enroll everyone who will very likely come into contact with our suppliers.

Betty Jackson
Senior Technical Training Specialist
Hoffman Engineering

We have recently completed the third year of presenting the 'Dealing with the Highly Skilled Salesperson' workshop, and the first year of presenting the 'Single and Sole Source Suppliers' workshop. The programs have become the cornerstone of our Purchasing training strategy, and we are enjoying quantifiable results from both workshops.

David McInerny
Purchasing Training Director
Dean Foods

Benedict's workshop provides practical guidance that anyone can put to use right away. We have no doubt that it has helped our employees achieve very real and significant savings. In fact, this learning experience is so important that our Vice President of Engineering and Operations has established enrollment in the workshop as mandatory.

Dr. Larry Long
Manager, Training and Development
Rockwell International